What Are Flavonoids

Flavonoids are a class of polyphenolic phytochemicals found in plants. Similar to terpenes they contribute to a plants aroma and flavour. Flavonoids are present in many of the foods we consume regularly, such as tea, fruits and vegetables, wine, chocolate, nuts, and certain cereals. Two of the more widely studied flavonols (a subgroup of flavonoids), kaempferol and quercetin, are present in hemp.

Quercetin is found abundantly in plant food sources, and has potent antioxidant properties and potential chemopreventive properties. Kaempferol is one of the most represented flavonoid in hemp, and is thought to be important for gut health as it enhances the intestinal barrier. Kaempferol is also implicated in metabolic control, contributing to the prevention of obesity and diabetes. Furthermore, kaempferol is also under consideration as a cancer treatment and may have a role as an antibacterial agent.

Quercetin and kaempferol represent only two of numerous flavonoids found in hemp. Flavonoids in general have been shown to exhibit neuroprotective, anti-depression, anti-inflammatory, antioxidative, analgesic, and cardioprotective activities. However, you will not see any of this information listed on hemp foods or supplements as regulations prevent any health claims until such time that the evidence surrounding these claims are strengthened.