Our Story

"Nature Itself - Is The Best Physician"


Our story

Floreo Botanicals, was set up in February 2020. Our vision; to work with a talented team of growers and formulators, to create a range of botanical products, which promote wellbeing and help to maintain the natural processes of the body. 

At Floreo Botanicals, our inspiration comes from varieties of fresh, lush and wild grown plants and herbs. Authentic spices from across the world and the wide range of vibrant and versatile flower species, that grow abundantly around us.

Floreo - Wild Irish Grown Range

The first category to launch to market in this range, is our virgin cold pressed Hemp CBD oil. Our oil is crafted from our very own Hemp, which is grown in County Offaly, Ireland. Our crop is cultivated without the use of artificial fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides. We work closely with our farming partners, through every step of the growing process. To monitor and ensure that our Hemp fields are harvested at an optimal time - thus producing our rich and nutrient dense whole plant virgin cold pressed Hemp CBD oil, for you to enjoy.

Our Nature Inspired Range

Working with a highly talented and experienced team, our nature inspired range is focused on botanicals and spices from across the world. This range harnesses and preserves the precious and complex compounds found in a variety of plants and world spices. Compounds which have been used for centuries to support the body and promote wellbeing.

The Flower Botanical Relaxation Range

There is nothing like the wonderful scent of fresh flowers to have an energising or calming influence on the body. Blended with natural carrier oils and body butters, powerful flowers and flower essential oils are also used on the skin for their anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and soothing properties. Carefully blended without the use of chemical detergents, hardeners and synthetic agents, our "Relaxation Range" will launch to market in 2022, with lovely lavender and May Chang as key ingredients to compliment our rich and smooth hemp oil.