Floreo Botanicals Recipe #3 - Hemp, Pear & Almond Scones


225g self raising flour

150ml milk
25g coconut sugar
25g butter
25g hemp powder
Two pears sliced into small pieces
25g thin almond slices
Pinch of salt


Sieve the flour and salt into a bowl and stir in the coconut sugar.
Rub in the butter/margarine.
Add sufficient milk to make a soft dough
Turn onto a floured board and gently knead to remove any cracks
Roll out lightly to a one inch thickness and cut out with a suitable shaped cutter
Place on a floured preheated baking sheet / tray.
Glaze with some beaten egg or milk
Bake in a preheated oven 200 C / 425 F / Gas Mark 8 on the upper shelf for 10 minutes approx
Cool on a wire tray.

Want to make a gluten free version? Swop the self raising flour for coconut flour and the butter for coconut oil.