Floreo Botanicals Recipe #4 - Hemp CBD Salad

Years ago, when visiting a friend for lunch. I was utterly bemused at the amazing colours in the salad bowl put on front of me, and the taste! It was a complete departure from the salads I learned to make at home. Mostly green's, but always the same six ingredients. Since the "salad lunch" experience, I've made a point of changing my salad mixes regularly, presenting a surprise bowl that changes everytime the family come over for dinner.

Here is one of my faviourite salads to make...

A large bowl of mixed green leave lettuce (never just use one lettuce type - life's too short!), A bowl of fresh rocket, a bowl of Rainbow Mix Cherry Tomatoes, 1 tbl spoon Poppy Seeds, 1 tbl spoon sunflower seeds, 1 tbl spoon chia seeds, a bowl of fresh green grapes halved, a bowl of fresh strawberries halved and 4 tbl spoons walnuts.

Mix all together, plate some up! and add a couple of drops of our Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil to your serving! The wonderful nutty taste works so well with the walnuts and seeds. Yum!